Can this card be used for federal purposes?

The proposed legislation makes clear that no one can use a drivers card to register to vote, or to actually vote, apply for public benefits, apply for a Firearm Owner ID card, board an airplane, or enter a federal building.


How will individuals prove that they know the rules of the road and that they are who they say they are?

Immigrants who are residents in our communities, but who don’t have a social security number would have to meet certain requirements in order to qualify for a temporary visitors driver’s license including:

  • Passing a driver’s test and demonstrate knowledge of rules of the road.
  • Providing proof of established Iowa residency.
  • Providing proof of identification.
  • Obtaining and carrying proof of auto insurance.


How will this help keep our roads and communities safer?

The Iowa Department of Transportation database is used as a crime-fighting tool to serve summons and execute warrants. Adding the thousands of people who would be eligible for temporary driving cards would expand that database and allow for correct identification and apprehension of criminals in our communities.

During medical emergencies involving immigrants, first responders, health care providers and crime victim advocates would be able to use the licenses to identify the individuals they are assisting.

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